Local Adventure Spots- New Forest Part 1: Deerleap and Longdown


Local Adventure Spots- New Forest Part 1: Deerleap and Longdown

OS Map courtesy of ordinancesurvey.co.uk

Welcome to our next installment into local adventure spots. This blog focuses on an area on The Training Adventure’s doorstep- the New Forest, more specifically Deerleap and Longdown. These names refer to two enclosures on the eastern edge of the New Forest and are an area that many an adventure has taken place for Training Adventure members, running, rucking and outdoor workouts! This area is only 15-20 minutes drive from Southampton city centre, is next to the lovely village of Ashurst (and it’s pubs!) and has a wealth of trails perfect for running, hiking and off road biking. As well as this, there is plenty of open space (and timber) for some great outdoor workouts.

Log Squats at Deerleap

Both Deerleap and Longdown enclosures are serviced by car parks, both on their northern edge, and for Deerleap in Ashurst itself, next to The Happy Cheese pub. You can hit the trails straight out of the car parks, and out and way from the traffic and other people within minutes. From here there are trails all the way down south to the beautiful village of Beaulieu, or West to the hub town of Lyndhurst, where you will find great food in the many coffee shops and pubs.

Blue Skies and Clear Trails

Suggested Adventure:

This hike out was our end of July ruck, and was completed on a Thursday evening after work, followed by food at the Happy Cheese in Ashurst. The route was a circular one, starting and finishing here, and taking us around an hour and a half. We started out parking in the long stay car park by the pub, and headed out into Deerleap enclosure. Heading into Deerleap, we followed the main path down the western edge of the enclosure, headed south. Coming out at the southern corner, and followed the trail that runs parallel to the railway, until we hit the crossing at Fulliford Passage.

The Fulliford Passage Crossing

From there we headed Northwest through the Kings Passage, up toward Ashurst Lodge. Once past here, we crossed the railway again via a bridge, bringing us back into Deerleap and on the main track back to the car park, and more importantly the pub!


Local Adventure Spots- Isle of Purbeck Part 1: Winspit and Chapman’s Pool

Worth mattravers OS

OS Map courtesy of ordinancesurvey.co.uk

Welcome to the first in our blog series: Local Adventure spots. The aim of these posts is to share with you favourite spots of ours to get out and explore. Whether this is hiking, running, climbing or paddle boarding, we explore the landscapes that give us joy.

Our very first entry in this series is a place that is special to an number of our adventurers, and it's easy to see why from the included photos! We are talking about Chapman's Pool and Winspit on the Isle of Purbeck. These two delightful hidden spots are located near the village of Worth Matravers, and are also onĀ  the South West Coastal Path. The paths around Worth Matravers (a great place to park and start/finish your exploration) are great for both hiking and running on, with plenty of undulation, and stunning views both inland and out to sea.

Chapmans pool

Chapman's Pool from the South West Coastal Path

Chapman's pool is the first of our two well loved spots. As you can see from the photo it is a beautiful little bay. It also doesn't tend to get as many people visiting it, mainly as the path down to it is off the South West Coastal Path, and a bit difficult to find the start of. However once you are there, it's pretty special. A great place to put your kit down, take off your shoes and socks, and go for a paddle. It's also a great place to go with some paddle boards, a picnic basket and a group of friends and spend an afternoon. Well recommended.



Our second treasured spot on this stretch of coast is Winspit. Again as you can see from the photo above, this is a delightful little cove tucked away into the coastline. With rocky outcrops and pools, it's a great place to swim. Winspit is an old stone quarry, and as you can imagine from Craig's photos below, is a haven for climbers, who can be seen there from dawn 'til dusk on a good day.

Winspit 2

Winspit Quarry. Photo courtesy of Craig D.

Suggested Adventure:

On a nice hot day about a month ago now, I went down here with friends Craig D and Stevie. Our aim was to get in a good hike around the area and along the cliffs, taking in both points. With this brief in mind Craig came up with a circular route starting and finishing at Worth Matravers.

We headed followed the footpath just south of the car park west, then headed north west, before turning south west down into Chapman's pool. We stopped there for a paddle and the obligatory photos, before taking a short sharp climb up the cliff path to join the South West Coastal Path.

champmans lads

Craig and Stevie enjoying the view!

We followed this along to Winspit, trudging up and down an nice steep stairway at the mouth of a re-entrant. Not for the unfit! At Winspit we stopped for a swim in the 'fresh' sea, as well as a clamber over the rocks and ruins of the quarry.

From there it was a short hike back up to Worth Matravers for a pint and pasty at the Square and Compass. Definitely a pub worth stopping at before heading home!

This is about a 6 mile hike, and can be a full day if you spend any amount of time at either stop, or a cracking afternoon's yomp if you are looking for something for a sunny afternoon.

square and compass view

The view from the pub garden of the Square and Compass


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