Gear Review: GORUCK Rucker 1.0


Gear Review: GORUCK Rucker 1.0

Today’s post is the first in a series of posts looking at the gear that gets used and abused on different adventures by members of The Training Adventure.

The focus of this post is looking at GORUCK’s ‘Rucker‘ day sack. This bag has been my everyday bag, and training/event ruck for the last 2 years.

From GORUCK’s website: ‘The Rucker® is an active day ruck. Perfect for rucking and the GORUCK Challenge. It integrates with Expert Ruck Plates, which, unlike laptops, don’t break. And if any other company had built the Rucker®, they’d call it a laptop bag, and probably the best ever.’

So basically its a 21L bag designed to carry weight, but at the same time isn’t the size of a house and can be used everyday. The ruck is the same design as GORUCK’s flagship bag, the GR1, but whereas the GR1 is designed as a proper EDC back with a laptop compartment, the Rucker is designed purely as a training bag.

(Note, the Rucker 1.0 is no longer produced, with the Rucker 2.0 being released this year. However the bags are very similar, with a few modifications on the 2.0 that I will list at the end of the article)

Breaking it down, the rucker is made from 1000 denier Cordura, which is ultra strong ‘military grade material’, and is listed as ‘rain resistant’. I personally can attest to this being the case, having used this on many occasions in some pretty miserable weather! The Rucker also features robust YKK zippers that can take a hell of a lot more force than anything the average person will be able to put on them!

The bag is designed in a clam-shell design, so it folds completely open. This makes it very easy to pack kit into the bag, but also to access the stuff at the bottom! On the outside of the bag there is an external integrated pocket, with a slanted zip closure. This is big enough for things like keys, wallet and snacks. Above the slanted pocket is a central 3×2″ Velcro rectangle for application of your favorite patch. It also has 3 rows of MOLLE webbing around the outside of the bag, which does allow for the attachment of pouches to the exterior to enable you to add extra load carriage if needed (see pic below). You can also use the side MOLLE to attached a hip belt, an optional extra that you can buy separately from GORUCK. The top of the Rucker features a heavy duty grab handle, and a Velcro covered port for a hydration bladder tube. The shoulder straps are fairly wide, well padded for comfort, and slightly curved to fit the body.

Outside front of the Rucker 1.0

Inside against the back of the ruck, there are 2 elasticated rectangular pouches which are designed to hold 1 or 2 of GORUCK’s rucking plates. It can comfortably hold 20 or 30lb plates, and has a Velcro strap over the top of the pockets to secure the plates down. If you’re using the bag in an everyday capacity, these pockets also securely hold A4 sizes notebooks securely, and stops them getting crumpled in the main compartment. They can also hold a mid sized laptop, but there is no padding or protection for this, so this is not necessarily recommended. Built in behind the plate holders is an integrated frame sheet, to give some support and rigidity to the Rucker when wearing it. Above the ruck plate pouches is a poppered fabric loop, which you can hang a hydration bladder from.

Inside plate pockets with velcro closure

Finally on the inside of the front flap, there are 2 zip-closure gear pockets. The top one is smaller and is good for things like a head torch, multi-tool, or pens etc. The bottom is mesh and larger, and I personally keep a small individual First Aid Kit in there.

Inside front flap storage pockets

From my own experiences (I’ve had my Rucker for about 2 years now) it is an awesome ruck for adventures. Whether that is rucking/hiking, biking, climbing, or as a day bag on holiday or a day trip, it holds all you need, and nothing you don’t. On a ruck I can comfortably get ruck plates, a 2-3l hydration bladder, snacks, waterproofs and an extra layer or 2 in the main compartment with no issues. I will be using this ruck for the GORUCK Normandy STAR Course next June, a 75km point to point event to be completed in under 20 hours. My team mates will all be using Rucker 2.0’s.

It works well as a gym bag. My usual gym contents are a pair of weightlifting shoes, protein shaker, water bottle, wraps and grips, towel and wash kit and clean clothes. All which fit in no dramas. It’s my everyday work back, and as a PTI it fits food for the day, a couple of changes of kit, wash kit, towel and trainers.

So there you have it, the GORUCK Rucker 1.0 great ruck for training and events, without carrying a house on your back.

See the video below on the Rucker 2.0 and the differences between this and the Rucker 1.0

Rucker 1.0 vs Rucker 2.0

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