Local Adventure Spots- New Forest Part 2: Godshill


Local Adventure Spots- New Forest Part 2: Godshill

Welcome to our next installment into local adventure spots. This blog focuses on an area on The Training Adventure’s doorstep- the New Forest, more specifically the trails in the valleys of Godshill, east of Fordingbridge. The valley is just south of the B0378, and there are numerous car parks to pull of the road and hit the trails-of which there are a multitude! The trails are perfect for running, hiking and off road biking. As well as this, there is plenty of open space (and timber) for some great outdoor workouts. As well as this, it’s a great place for hill training, whether running or rucking, a rarity in this part of the world.

Dave and his dog Blue, who was having a grump after having run so far!

Suggested Adventure:

Parking at the ‘Ashley Walk’ Car Park, jump straight on the trail running down into the valley, across the bridge at the bottom, and up the other side onto the ridge line on the far side. From there follow the trail down and to the right into the Pitts Wood Inclosure. Follow the paths through here and out the other side of the block, heading up onto the path onto Hampton Ridge. From here follow  the path along the ridge line until this path converges with 3 others, at the Trig-point (seen below).

Looking across the valley from one of the ridge lines

From there take the trail leading back into the valley, toward Ditchend, and the brook. Once you reach the brook and the ford, you can either follow the brook back to the bridge you crossed at the start of the run/hike, or you can turn left, up the side of the valley, and follow the path at the top back along to the car park. All in all this is about an 8 km route, with plenty of undulation, good views and fun running!

Crossroads Trig-point.

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