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How We Train

In a world where there are so many different types of gyms and training, here at The Training Adventure, we look to keep it simple, and outside of a gym. We organise community events for people of all different fitness levels.

The Training Adventure accepts everyone from elite athletes to those still working their way off their couch.  While our programs are not targeted at individuals, we tailor and adapt what we are doing as much as we can for all levels of physical ability.  But whether you are preparing for an event or simply training with us to boost physical and mental fitness, the most important part of our training is having the right mindset, and being prepared to get involved to the best of your ability.

We run, ruck and do workouts in the great outdoors. A lot of what we do follows the philosophies of the guys at GORUCK and SOFLETE, with our leaders being experienced coaches and followers of these systems, amongst others.

As a new venture, we are aiming to hold training sessions (runs, rucks and workouts), at least a couple of times a month to start with, and build from there.

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Rucking/Hiking Sessions

Rucking sessions are either on a Thursday evening, or at the weekend, but details of each individual session will be up on a our Facebook page, so check that out for more info! Sessions will usually finish with coffee, food or beer, so it's not all about the training!

What you need to join us:

  • All workout gear is acceptable, though you should avoid wearing anything that you don’t want to get wet, dirty, or torn.
  • A backpack and weight are optional for your first training, for recurring training we ask that you bring a pack and weight so that you can more formally participate in group exercises.
  • Water – 500ml is required, more is preferred.  We will make water stops and toilet breaks as required.
  • ID and £10-15 in cash, in the event we move to a remote part of the city or out in the coutryside and you need to leave the group early. Also for post training hydration and food!

For more info check out this blog post.



Our running sessions are usually on a Sunday morning, out on trails, and are open to all.

For the regulars it is a recovery session, so we are taking our time, going steady, having a chat and helping each other out. We have people running with us who have never done any kind of training before and are looking start their fitness journey. We have people come along who are recovering from illnesses or injuries, and people who getting out into the forest and away from the hustle and bustle is therapy. I know it's certainly part of mine. We run at the pace of the group, and help those that need help out, whether that's with getting your breathing right, running with efficient mechanics or just making you laugh and enjoy the fact that whilst you're out on a run with us, all that matters is enjoying the view, the company, and the journey.

For more info check out this blog post.


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Water Based Sessions

At The Training Adventure, we aren't just land based animals. Very often we'll get out for a swim, or jump on a board or kayak for some fun out on the water. During the warmer we regularly organise open water swims, and paddling sessions for people to come and join. In the colder months we'll hit the pool, usually post Sunday run, for a swim and sauna for some good recovery.


Who are GORUCK?

GORUCK are an American company formed by an ex US Special Forces soldier, and focuses on building awesome rucking gear (our leaders all use GORUCK rucks), supporting the rucking and hiking community around the world, and running awesome events. Their events are based around the principles of Special Forces selection processes, and are team based events involving rucking, working out together, and building team and leadership skills.


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How to get involved......

Check out and follow our Facebook page for more info on upcoming training sessions. Find a listed event you want to come to, and join the event. Get in touch if you have any questions. From there request to join our closed Facebook group and introduce yourself.