The Art of Breath


The Art of Breath

Today’s post is the next in our series on workshops and certifications attended by TTA members. Myself (Olly) and Dave attended the Art of Breath 1 day clinic back in April, by PowerSpeedEndurance. The clinic was hosted by CrossFit Perpetua in Battersea, London.

I have been following Brian Mackenzie, the co founder of PowerSpeedEndurance (PSE) for a fair few years, ever since he ran CrossFit Endurance, and took the CrossFit Endurance (CFE) trainers course back in 2013. Indeed I was starting the process of interning to become a trainer for CFE in 2015 when it ceased to exist, and PSE was born shortly after.

Seeing the evolution of Brian’s thoughts from training for endurance athletes, to his work with XPT, then through the experiments with the Training Mask and into breath and heat/cold was fascinating, and along with Dave I started playing with these concepts over the last year or so, gleaning what we could from the information being posted online.

When the Art of Breath was released as a clinic, I knew it was something I wanted to attend.

But what is the clinic, and what was it all about?

In their own words, the purpose of the clinic was:

In less than a day you can learn the exact tools to perform better, manage stress & improve health.

Imagine being able to mix it with the big dogs in a workout and not get gassed.

Imagine being able to reduce your stress in less than 10 minutes in the comfort of your own home or at your work desk.

 Imagine being able to maximise your Oxygen usage to become a fatigue resistant machine.
 You can do all this. But you need the tools. That is where the Art of Breath comes in.

Watching videos on the early clinics, reading about them on social media, and on the PSE website, I was excited!

The London clinic was announced for April 2018, and thanks to a cheeky holiday discount, I signed up pretty much straight away, then convinced Dave to.

The clinic participants (photo courtesy of PowerSpeedEndurance)

The London clinic was being run by AoB co founder Rob Wilson, and he was assisted by Charles Oxley, one of PSE’s coaches. It was looking to be a full day, starting at 0800 and finishing around 1730, once questions and answers had finished.

So how was it?

In short-bloody brilliant!

The passion for the subject by Rob was clear, and his delivery was excellent. It was well thought out, concise, and easy to understand in my view. He regularly stopped to ask questions as required, and taught the theoretical parts in a very interactive style. This combined a slide presentation with Q&A and illustrating points with diagrams and illustrations as needed.

Without giving too much away, the day was broken down as follows:

Introduction and up-regulation breathing (we were doing breathing drills from about minute 5!)

The theory and physiology related to breath-What breath is linked to and what it can control.

The importance of the diaphragm

How to improve your breathing mechanics, and overall performance.

Practical tests and workouts for improving breath mechanics.

I felt I left having learnt a huge amount, but also had a clear path as to how to start implementing what I had learned on myself, and also with those I train with and coach. This was not only in the sense of improving performance, but also lifestyle, mental wellbeing and health also.

Both Rob and Charles were awesome, and the course well thought out and presented. I would recommend it 100%.

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