The Training Adventure Sessions- Rucking and Hiking


The Training Adventure Sessions- Rucking and Hiking

Today’s blog is looking at the next in our training sessions series- rucking and hiking. Along with running, rucking (walking in urban areas, and/or with load) and hiking (walking in the countryside) are another core activity that we focus on at The Training Adventure. With all of the amazing places hidden away from civilization all around the UK, who wouldn’t want to get out and explore them?

TTA original Scott rucking in the New Forest

Rucking is a great way to get out and about to see the world around us, whilst getting in some fitness. I love GORUCK’s description of it:

RUCK•ING [VERB] Carrying a weighted pack on your back. It implies action, energy, and purpose.

Rucking is good fun on your own, enjoying the landscape around you, or with a group of great people. This is what we aim for at The Training Adventure. Getting a good group of people together to have adventures in wonderful places, near and far. Carrying some weight whilst you’re doing it is going to help build leg and core strength, so you’re getting in some fitness at the same time. Great huh?

TTA Originals Lisa and Naomi out on a ruck in Southampton Common with Olly

Who are the sessions for?

At The Training Adventure, we generally try and get out together for rucks twice a month, either on a Thursday after work time, or at the weekend. Rucks are posted in advance on our Facebook page, so if you’re interested in joining us, click going on the event you want to join, then drop us a message to introduce yourself, and ask any questions. Then it’s just a case of showing up and having some fun! These sessions are for anyone who wants to get involved, so don’t be afraid to get in touch!

When joining us we suggest you do your first few rucks unloaded, just bringing water, snacks and an extra layer or two. Once you get comfortable with hiking without weight, then you can start adding some weight. We recommend starting by adding 2-5kg of weight in the first instance, and building slowly. Most of the more experienced ruckers at TTA ruck with 10-12kg, depending on time and distance. You’ll also want a comfy pair of trainers or trail shoes to walk in, that you don’t mind getting a bit muddy and wet. The same goes for clothing. Something comfortable and easy to move in, that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty!

Craig D and Stevie G taking break to enjoy the view near Chapman’s Pool

How do I get involved?

Simple- drop us a message via our Facebook page, instagram or email us. As long as you’ve got that will to give it a try, we’ll help and support pretty much anyone!

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