The Training Adventure Sessions: The Recovery Runners


The Training Adventure Sessions: The Recovery Runners

This blog is the first in a series discussing the sorts of sessions we typically do here at The Training Adventure- Running.

Most Sunday mornings a few of us get out for a run in the New Forest as a group. These runs can vary from 5-10kms, but the purpose of these sessions is active recovery. They started when myself and Dave (Claps or more recently TDC- The Dave Clapham!) along with a couple of others from CrossFit Solent, were looking for something to do on one of our rest days. Dave got into his fitness journey via trail running, and suggested we went out for a steady run. ‘Lets get out of the gym and out of the city.’ So we did, and have been for most Saturdays or Sundays for the past couple of years.

Claps, Julie, Mike and Dolly out and about!

These runs take place pretty much regardless of the weather, though numbers are definitely lower in the winter months! If we’re out on a Sunday we generally start early (7am), so that we’re done by 8-8.30, and people then have the rest of the day to chill out or see family. It also means in the winter, we get to see the sun rise over the forest, which is always a special sight to see.

Running in the snow at the start of the year!

Who are the sessions for?

The short answer is pretty much anyone! For the regulars it is a recovery session, so we are taking our time, going steady, having a chat and helping each other out. We have people running with us who have never done any kind of training before and are looking start their fitness journey. We have people come along who are recovering from illnesses or injuries, and people who getting out into the forest and away from the hustle and bustle is therapy. I know it’s certainly part of mine. We run at the pace of the group, and help those that need help out, whether that’s with getting your breathing right, running with efficient mechanics or just making you laugh and enjoy the fact that whilst you’re out on a run with us, all that matters is enjoying the view, the company, and the journey.

Sometimes once the run is done we head to the pool at Applemore Leisure Centre and get in a swim and sauna, or we head back to Dave’s and jump in his ice bath. Recovery is a massively important part of training, and its one that we take seriously. This includes heat and cold work, as well as understanding the importance of your breath and how breathing affects everything we do. However more on these topics in a later blog or 3!

Post Run Ice!

How do I get involved?

Simple- drop us a message via our Facebook page, instagram or email us. As long as you’ve got that will to give it a try, we’ll help and support pretty much anyone!

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